Monday, October 18, 2010

Walrus Magazine

the walrus

Walrus magazine

Walrus magazine

walrus magazine

A selection of editorial illustrations I recently created for the November issue of canadian magazine, The Walrus.

this week i love : halcyon digest by deerhunter, californication, jane fonda, herbal tea, planning an art exhibition with friends, collecting treasures from the side of the road during council pick-up season, visiting home, pasta, imagining myself as a university student again. yeah, i re-applied to study visual communications in sydney next year. I'm looking forward to having interesting peers and wise teacherly guidance and so i've got my fingers crossed that the application will be accepted. It gets a bit lonely trying to launch an illustration career without a mentor or someone to turn to, so this is something i feel i need. Then maybe one day i can publish my own arts magazine and work as a cover designer at penguin books. The future seems so far away, and actually it's a massive freakout because it also seems so close. This year has vanished in a flash and i'm really trying to make the things that come out of my hands correspond with my heart. That's my current goal.


  1. I think you have time!! Your illustration are being published and people give you great reviews:) if you have goals and you're moving towards them- you're doing great!

  2. Oooooh nice illustration.

    I am also thinking of going back to uni to study design. Learning things is fun. Plus having other people around who are learning the same thing and have similar interests are a good resource.

  3. sarah- good luck!
    after dropping out of my fine arts course, for a long time i didn't feel that university was necessary - i kind of got discouraged -but suddenly my mind swivelled around and i realised i am yearning so much to learn again, and to be around like minded people on a daily basis.
    i think to have a backing in design will strengthen the way one creates, and it could possibly change the whole approach one has to creating, which is something i find really exciting. :)

    Bantik - thanks!

  4. I think you are doing great! I am very envious. People in illustration world know who you are and recognise your work. Just keep doing what you are doing.
    I think uni is a great idea. You learn new skills and its fun. Also being creative comes a lot easier when you are around like minded people and people you can bounce ideas off.
    I think a lot of us have those freak out moments (I have them ALL the time) but I think Bantik is right - set goals and work towards them.
    Wow that was a long comment :P Best of Luck with uni!

  5. All the new illustrations are looking great Caitlin. Good luck with the design course application, definitely a good skill to have, and all the knowledge you've already gained from your illustration work will come in handy. Hope you're well, Ben :)

  6. Oh, I'll have to get that issue of Walrus! My friend Jen told me she contacted you after seeing my blog header! How nice.

    Good luck with your application. I know your future is bright, sweet girl.

  7. Oh it is my dream to publish an art magazine as well! I'd probably be more of an editor-in-chief or creative director though, so I shall have to contact you if I'm in need of gorgeous illustrations!

  8. good luck with the application caitlin! thought i'm sure your will get it, you already have an impressive portfolio and experience in the visual :)

    it's funny because i'm doing the opposite path! i went for design at first but then i went back to school to be more into fine arts. design still sticks with me though, and i think you will enjoy it!
    you learn so much from it, and all theses things you will learn will be usefull to you later on. maybe you will be able to publish your own magazine that you will create entirely from A to Z !

  9. I've had this copy of the Walrus for a bit now ... and the greatest thing about it was your drawings. I love them.
    So beautiful.


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