Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Empty Mailbox

A languid and lingering lovesick lady in a dress of liquid silk.

This illustration is for the marvellous English magazine Ballad Of.
The next issue 'Ballad of... Nanny Floff' is released on november 12 and is themed around an empty mailbox. It features a handpicked selection of young illustrators/photographers/creative souls from around the world and does so with a flair and charm which i find irresistible.
Created by two girls Lindsey and Claire (who i believe to be my kindred spirits in London),  Ballad Of  is a world i'm glad to be a part of. Their website is packed full of decadent goodies like street style snaps, party invites, exhibition news and is a space which lovingly showcases fresh new work.
Pre-order your copy of the mag here! Or if you are based in London, pop along to their launch party at Jaguar Shoes. (here's an invite for you!)
I wish i had some ruby slippers that would fly me there so i could go and attend. I do own some purple satin shoes from London's infamous Biba store, but i think their magic wore out in the 70's because they won't even transport me up to the local shops to buy a bunch of bananas. oh well!


  1. I love your paintings!! They are amazing- absolutely gorgeous!! :)


  2. This is absolutely beautiful.

  3. I really love this illustration:>
    captures the anxiety!

  4. I wish liquid silk actually existed. Your illustration imagination & blog are wonderful.

  5. Oi Caitlin! Meu nome e Fabíola, sou do Brasil e Seu Trabalho adoro! E Original e Único, realmente Muito especial!

    E UMA Que pena nao Falo Inglês, senão eu conversaria Muito Mais! Mas nao POSSO deixar de Dizer o QUANTO Gosto de Seu Trabalho!

    Beijos, Fabíola.

  6. This is one of my favorites. I love it when people are dressed in sheer coats of cloth. Watercolor is truly the only medium that could ever allow such a pretty delicate idea.



  7. Love, love, love this illustration! ♥♥♥


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