Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Le Magazine

Back in july and august i was busily working on a bunch of illustrations for Le Magazine. I was really pleased with how they turned out and so have been dying to reveal them. Finally, the mag is out and i can do so. First up is a collection of glass perfume bottles, which make want to dabble more in painting objects. I think watercolours are the perfect medium to capture translucence and shine. Secondly is a fashion editorial inspired by classic pin up girls like Betty Grable and Bettie Page. (both who have such glorious figures!) I feel like i'm getting the hang of posture and hands, which makes me happy.
The illustrations sadly got a bit altered and fuzzy when being utilised for the mag, so i hope you can enjoy them here in all their glory. & There is lots more art to come! This week i'll be preparing some new pencil works for an upcoming show in Brisbane, in-between listening to the bell jar audio book and wilting in the summer heat.

perfume bottles

body con

double denim

lock stock'n load



  1. How lovely! Great job on the perfume bottles, they look wonderful.

  2. Great work ! OMG those bottles are lovely + the last girl looks a little bit like a vintage madonna

    See U !

  3. I want all the perfume images!! WANT them!


  4. So beautiful, I love each and every one of these girls so much!


  5. Please make the last one--or all of these--into t-shirts!!

  6. You're right. The hands are perfect. Gorgeous work.

  7. Yes yes! The hands on 'crop n pop' are immaculately done!

  8. i looove the last one Caitlin! and the perfumes are great!

  9. That's so very beautiful! Loved it!


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