Tuesday, November 2, 2010

raspberry beret

An illustration for  Blow Online to accompany an article about their top 5 key fashion pieces for spring/summer.
This is the Dalston hat, designed by Piers Atkinson. A Speckled raspberry beret topped with hollywood-esque mirrored letters and two tiny plastic people. I think it goes nicely with marshmallow hair!

I am looking forward to this summer - my first as an adult living outta home. It'll be full of markets and swimming pools and wine with ice cubes and backyard bath parties and nice tunes.
This summer all i want to wear are 1950's watercolour silk dresses in earthy tones, outrageous cats eye sunglasses, floor length chiffon skirts, art deco jewellery, ruffled peasant shirts that sit off the shoulder, and skirted swimsuits. time to get sewing!


  1. All your talk of summer, and me stuck in the US with winter right around the corner! I hope you enjoy it(because I'll be in my winter coat while your wearing skirts and swimsuits!)!

  2. Summer sounds great but it's winter coming here lots of rain and lack of sun. Dalston hat girl looks fab.

  3. Agreed your girl in the illustration looks fab, rockin the hat. Congrats on moving out of home. It is truly a wonderful feeling hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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