Thursday, November 25, 2010

Red Magazine

An editorial illustration for Red magazine, a fashion publication from the Netherlands aimed at middle aged women. This was an interesting assignment, as i had to draw an old woman for the first time, i think. The article is about women faced with the tough decision of what to do when their parents reach an age where they can no longer look after themselves (which must translate into zorg sandwhich). The illustration itself was based on a netherlands saying 'sitting behind the cranesbill'  - which i think encompasses the subject of solitude and stillness - and luckily enough cranesbill are also darling little flowers with heart shaped leaves. This push into a different angle was rather satisfying and made me conscious of the age groups i usually illustrate. In my old age i'd like to be an eccentric loon like Edie Beale and have a lavender beehive and a house full of cats and canaries and grandchildren painting on the walls, so seeing as it'll be another 50 years till i'm old enough for that, it's only manageable to bring it to life on paper - the purple hair part, anyways.


  1. Interesting...
    I like the illustrations....

  2. I'm going to be the type of old woman who yells at children to get out of her flower beds(that's what my sister says anyways). :) That cat is adorable!

  3. Good job! I didn't know there was an illustration of you, otherwise I had bought an issue.

  4. Wow, cool concept and beautiful illustrations. I also hope to be an old loon with a ton of cats♥♥

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  5. Haha I like that I'm able to read the article. They don't distribute the magazine here in Belgium though, pity! Your illustrations are lovely, it's nice to see you step outside the comfort box. And hooray for purple hair!


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