Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doggy Bag

Some debutante inspired work - (the original and then hyper coloured version) - for the 2011 KW Doggett calendar. ( KW Doggett are creators of fine, fine paper, - and are australian owned and family managed. so nice!) . This was a colour oriented, dog themed project done through the Jacky Winter illustration agency, and features a grand selection of JW hatch artists.
Once of these HUGE calendars appeared at the front door the other day wrapped in purple paper, so i gave it to my mum to hang on the wall, seeing as the Audrey Hepburn one kept in the kitchen expires tomorrow! Goodbye to you, 2010. ...goodbye audrey. :(

doggy bag / purple

doggy bag / blue


  1. These are beautiful. I really love the colours in the skirts - I think you've captured the luminescence of old prom dresses wonderfully. The sheer overskirt with the underskirt shining through, etc. I can't explain what I mean but hopefully you understand!
    -Andi x

  2. So utterly pretty! All the details, the little doggy, the lips in the mirror, the ribbon in her hair... and the skirt of the dress.. *swoon*

  3. I love the design of the dress. Great job!

  4. I bought an Audrey calendar for 2011! Wheee.
    I love these so much--I may have to buy myself another calendar just to get my hands on a copy.

    Happy New Year, Caitlin!

  5. your artworks are stunning!

    Happy New Year ♥


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