Friday, December 31, 2010

Night Tide

One day back in August, after moving away from home, i sat in my new doorway with the setting afternoon sun shining down on my face and i began to draw. It was one of those times where without paying much attention an image would just sort of complete itself....or leak out of my pencil and onto the paper. A lifelong obsession with mermaids and a pinch of inspiration from the 1961 film Night Tide  helped me to begin another painting.
I guess being raised right by the ocean dominates the way you perceive the world, and after moving to the heart of the city all of this oceanic imagery crept into my paintings without being planned. acute homesickness? I've got a few more paintings to upload in the coming week, so perhaps you'll see what i mean. In this piece i tried to capture the utter despondency of someone displaced and completely out of their league. (1000000 leagues out of the sea...)

&, the film - Night Tide, starring a young Dennis Hopper, tells the story of a young man who falls in love with a beautiful woman who poses as a mermaid at the seaside amusement park. This film is an underwater tragedy filled with tainted romance, crazy beatnik dancing, mystery, perverse magic and it's absolutely terrific. Just my kind of thing. I'd highly recommend it.

I hope it isn't so crazy of me to still expect to discover a flash of a mermaids shimmery tail while walking along the beach.

Night Tide

close up

The Night Tide trailer...
(really doesnt do the film justice.)

and for good measure... some rare silent footage of Australian swimmer and original 'million dollar mermaid' Annette Kellerman, in Neptune's Daughter.


  1. Living so close to the sea like you, and knowing the pain of moving, I totally understand! And that mermaid beautifully shows it. And like you I also hope to spy a mermaid one day! Wonderful job!

  2. This is so incredibly beautiful.. I love it.

  3. Oooh! Love her. So wonderful to see how our pasts influence our artwork.

    Nicely said. :)

  4. i'm hopelessly in love with mermaidens too, i just can't help myself around them. guess it's the heartache for the sea.

    you really do a lovely job with them, the scales are so intricate and lovely. I recently finished a mermaid also, maybe someday my girls will meet your girls ♡

  5. lovely! I like seeing your mermaid paintings a lot. I was also obsessed with the little mermaid story when I was growing up. I always looked for different versions of mermaid illustrations. so it's a pleasure to see your mermaids every once in awhile.

  6. oh I've seen that movie! very mysterious


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