Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anna Calvi

Some fake gig posters i made because i've been listening to Anna Calvi obsessively lately.
This lady is just my cup of tea! She's got a Masculine Vs. Feminine thing going on, she likes to cover Elvis, and her fashions remind of a chic lady matador. Plus her music is velvety and dark and completely delectable.  Fingers crossed I'll be able to create some real gig posters for her one day! One can dream.

+ have a listen:


  1. She reminds me of Souxie and the Banshees. Nice posters. You should send them to her.

  2. Thanks - Yeah, Siouxsie is cool too.
    (and i may just send them to Anna!)

  3. ugh your drawings are grade A - amazing.

    <3 Sarah

  4. Caitlin these are SO awesome!! You really amaze me. I can't get over how good you are, and how innovative you are. Honestly, I'm dying to know more about you. Did you study illustration in Uni? Are you working as a full-time illustrator now? I just love what you do and feel like I learn so much from you.

  5. I love these posters, specially the dark one, really nice!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Megan- you're very kind. :)
    I studied art in highschool and then a foundation year of a fine arts course at university (majoring in textiles. Don't really know why i made that decision). I dropped out after my first year and have just been doing the illustration thing out of my bedroom - this will be the third year - and yes, i'm trying to work as a full time illustrator. It can be a bit of a struggle but i love doing it.
    I'm considering studying design at TAFE next year and then going onto a specialist illustration course afterwards.

    x caitlin.


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