Saturday, February 26, 2011

Best Coast

Another fake gig poster. Perhaps I'll turn this into a series!
I'm seeing Best Coast in just over a week so thought this would be fitting. Hooray for songs about cats and boys.

p.s. If you're in a band or anything like that and are in need of poster art, please send an email to: I'm available to do commissioned work.


  1. i love it!
    i'm totally getting you to do a poster for my band!

  2. it's beautiful! I'm seeing toro y moi, washed out, and a bunch of other bands at sxsw in march. I'm pretty excited. I'm sure best coast is going to amazing!!


  3. i love the lead singer from best coast's heart tattoos. . . i kind of want to bit them!

  4. I adore Best Coast! This poster also reminds me of the band I Heart Hiroshima and their posters - love it :)

  5. could i ask why you stopped going to cofa?

  6. Hi Erika,

    in response to your question - i dropped out of COFA for a few reasons, but mainly because i wasn't happy, and i lived 3 hours away by public transport- the commute was painful.
    Why do you ask? Do you happen to go there?

  7. Check out two pairs of gloves I decorated for my giveaway, i hope you enter :)))

    Fashion Forestry aka Nicole Eymard

  8. Yeah! I just started doing Fine Arts. it's only the second day so I can't really tell what it's going to be like, but it sounds like there's a lot of theory involved, the prac is quite restricted, and the renovations are a bit of a nuisance. I was curious to know if it's like that the whole time... can you please tell me some pros and cons? your travel sounds like agony, so i can understand that bit. but does it get more flexible and exciting? the little booth you can get at open day sound good! and overseas exchange sounds wonderful. I'm just curious because i had a lot of preconceptions of what it's going to be like and it's not as open and flexible as i hoped. Or is it? sorry this has become such a long comment but... how did you get to become an artist without the degree? because when i was telling the lady what i wanted to do, all my ideas, etc, and she said it doesn't work that way :( is that true? if you could give me some advice or words of wisdom i would be so glad :3

  9. Erika -

    oh, well good luck! The renovations must be quite annoying at the moment.
    When i was there two years ago the practical side of the course outweighed the theory side by far. I think with lectures and tutorials there were only about 3 hours per week of theory, vs, about 10 or 12 hours of practical. Practical can be a little bit restrictive in the first year, because it's a foundation year, so you'll be able to try each subject that they have on offer - jewellery, textiles, photography, life drawing, etc...
    This can be really beneficial if you haven't got your mind set on a certain focus area yet. and if not, it can always inspire you and let your brain think about things in a different manner. It's a year which gives you a basis of knowledge about many different creative methods, which can only be beneficial in the long run.

    In 2nd semester you are given your own studio space/projects in whichever subject you major in, and thing become more freer.
    In 2nd and 3rd year, you are left to work on more independent projects in your major and you have freedom to do whatever you want.

    I have some friends who recently graduated and they all seemed to really love it. it just depends on the person and their circumstances, so i feel i cant really offer any advice as to what you should do. I'm sure as time goes on things will become clearer for you. Day 2 is just the very beginning!

    pros - there are some AMAZING teachers. The tools and library available to you - if taken advantage of - are incredibly helpful. The school has it's own gallery. Some of the lecturers have been know to have very zany senses of humour. oh and you get to watch great films in the tutorials, like blow up and modern times.

    I don't have a degree, but i am passionate about my art and work at it every single day in order to someday really succeed in this as a career.
    It's very possible to attempt this career with or without a degree because in the end it depends on the work you can produce.
    Many artists are self trained and have never stepped foot inside an art school - like i said before, it depends on their situation and circumstances.
    I suppose some teachers will still think that without a degree you will amount to nothing, which is fine because it's something they grew up knowing and which was probably truer in their youth- but in this day and age anything is possible.
    Going at it on your own can be incredibly difficult and extremely solitary, so it's not like it's a better alternative. university has such a web of support and knowledge that it's probably vital for someone like yourself.

    The knowledge you can gain and the people you will meet at such an institution will definitely be a wonderful, inspiring and worthwhile venture.

    Best of luck!
    I'm curious now to see some of your work. Please share?


  10. aww thanks for writing so much! It sounds great that your become more and more independent. My main worry is just that i'm still wondering if i should have done interior design, i'd love to do both degrees but it's so expensive. But you're right, to learn more about new things in art will be good in the long run, especially for this age anyway. Thanks for all your advice! P.s ( i think we use to follow each other once! i'm pretty sure that's how i found you :)

  11. This one is my favorite! So pretty!

    Camila F.

  12. i love how you did the text!! it would make for such a lovely typeface~
    and digital collage looks really nice with your linework! it looks so effortless!

  13. I love your blog!


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