Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine

commissioned valentines portrait

A commissioned Valentines portrait for Elsa Olsson.
It pleases me so much to think that Elsa will be giving her sweetheart this drawing as a present.
Swoon! Such a sweet way to commemorate ones love.

& A naughty little piece for the Valentines issue of Domestic Etch zine.
Run by Elizabeth Goodspeed, Domestic Etch showcases a bunch of really grand and heartfelt art.
You can preview or buy the issue here.

Happy valentines to you all. Be happy if you're lucky enough to have someone to love with all of your heart. (p.s. i love you.)


  1. Oooo your drawings are beautiful! I especially love the red haired girl, she stands out a lot!

  2. happy valentines caitlin xx

  3. Ooooo Elsa is gorgeous!

    Beautiful work Caitlin xx

  4. <3 Again, thank you so much Caitlin! For doing the portrait and for making us look so good;)
    Happy Valentines to you to:)

  5. ha i love these! so beautiful! happy valentines day!

  6. So so gorgeous Caitlin!! Your works really are so sensual but in an elegant and refined way.

  7. Gorgeous! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day x

  8. happy belated v-day! like the naughty piece too, reminds me of the old bizzare magazine, ya know the one. . . inspiration (now expiration)


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