Thursday, March 31, 2011

Anniversary portrait

I was recently commissioned by a lovely lady, Charis Harrison, to paint a portrait of herself and her husband Paul to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This project was so pleasant - i couldn't have asked for a nicer couple to paint - they even sent me a grin filled appreciation photo! Such ultimate sweethearts. It made my week, so i just have to post it here too.

Paul and Charis Harrison

I'm in the process of working on a couple more similar assignments, and just wanted to let you readers know that i'm accepting commissions to paint custom portraits (be it you, a loved one, best friend, screen idol...etc...), so i hope some of you will at least consider the notion. In the process you'll be helping me add to my apartment fund - (i'll be moving from my parents place to the city - so i can go to university and start living an exciting life). Prices start at $70 AUD, and you can email me at for more info.

commissioned portraits

p.s. notice the complete blog overhaul? It doesn't look so dull now. :)


  1. I like your new layout very much:>

  2. nice layout!

    and no wonder they smiled, the portrait was beautiful!

  3. Beautiful portrait, and I LOVE the new layout.

  4. I just love your new layout!And your art is so wonderfull./Elin (using mum's email xd)

  5. love the drawing - the dress is so pretty

  6. That is darling! I love it to pieces. I will have to have you do a portrait of me & my husband sometime when I save up the money.

  7. Luuurve the new blog layout, pastel yummy goodness, reminds me of being in a fantasy Antoinette cake-shop ;-)

    So glad you're doing these gorgeous portraits xx

  8. It is beautiful. Like going out in the fresh air.


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