Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A good day for mail

Yesterday some beautiful things landed in my mailbox:

First, a surprise gift from fellow Fred Astaire fan, Grace Hamilton - a darling from the UK who draws ravishing ladies and also has an obsession with the golden age of hollywood. Pressed flowers, ballerinas, lonely lakes, Ms katharine Hepburn - it's all too wonderful.

snail mail

And secondly, a trade with Liz Sindler of Kittydearest.
I sent Liz a painting in return for a handsewn set of pastel lingerie. They are delicate and scrumptious and make me think of ice cream, which can only be a good thing. Plus, Kitties! That cuteness speaks for itself.

Trade from Liz/KittyDearest


  1. I LOVE the lingerie! Too much cuteness to handle!

    <3 Sarah

  2. oh my goodness I cannot get over the combination of those gorgeous unders and the precious kitties! That just made me so incredibly happy!

  3. holy moly, they are some amazing packages!

  4. how beautiful, and awesome packaging!

  5. What amazing packages! I especially love the Fred and Ginger memorabilia!

  6. love the sailor look on the cover of the book

  7. Oh my gosh how cute is that lingerie!!!!!! im in love.
    Glad I found your blog- love your artwork!

  8. So beautiful, and I just love your new header!


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