Friday, April 1, 2011

Rainbow Chan gig poster

This week i've made my first ever real gig poster! Lately i've been making fake ones for bands who i love - but this one is actually going to be printed and pasted around Sydney. Hooray! And I'm doubly happy because it's a poster for my beautiful friend and sweetheart songstress, Rainbow Chan.
Rainbow makes heartfelt music with her acoustic guitar, loop pedals and old toys, - and in May is releasing her EP Brushed upon with rose at The Vanguard in Newtown. I'm so excited and so proud to see her music blossom - ( She's been featured on radio stations JJJ and FBI this year ) - and i'm sure this year has an abundance of fantastic things in store for her. It couldn't happen to a nicer girl.
You can hear a selection of tunes, or learn more about Rainbow's penchant for sweet vintage dresses and drawing with blue pens at the following pages :
Blog -  Facebook -  Myspace

Rainbow Chan


  1. omg...just found your blog. You are so, so talented! Such a fan of your work :) I'd love to do a custom portrait one day!

  2. what a talented friend you have! And how lucky she is that she has you to do her posters!

  3. lovely drawing
    love the earings

  4. It's fantastic. I miss you.

  5. WOW!!!! I love it!!! it's so cute...

  6. I love your blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)


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