Monday, May 23, 2011

three things

A little piece for two2three zine - ( a collaborative collection of small scale works curated by Danny Britto and Neil Rook.)

A desktop wallpaper (which you can download at their website if you like) for accessories brand Oh! Nena.

And a commissioned tattoo design for burlesque artist Marianna Leishman, which is designed to wrap around the upper arm.


  1. These are all so nice! I especially love what you did with the flowers, for the wallpaper.

  2. The first & last pieces are amazing!

  3. the flower crown is enchanting. i wanna be her and sit on the grass by the riverside.

  4. Oh my goodness. The mermaid is by far my favorite drawing of yours! Love it!

    <3 Sarah

  5. That mermaid is absolute perfection!

  6. The expression of the second girl is captivating! Can't stop staring.

  7. I have a question!

    I sometimes watercolor drawings myself, But when I scan them to my computer, some of the pale colors seem to fade out, and become so to say, white.. Do you have some tips on scanning, or do you simply just have an awesome scanner??


  8. Hi Maria,

    In regards to your question about scanning watercolour paintings,- I use a pretty basic Epson Pixma scanner, and always scan at 300 dpi, on the setting that is suited to photographs.
    I find that if you use the options that edit the photo for you while scanning (lightening, contrast, etc) then your scan will usually lose alot of clarity and colour. The best thing is to have an original scan that you can then edit manually, so you have control over the finer details.

    Hope that helps.

    x Caitlin.

  9. Thank you for your answer:) Ill try that next time!

  10. love them all but especially that portrait (the desktop wallpaper). xx


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