Sunday, June 5, 2011

every girl

* Fancy gifts - Exactly eleven months and one day ago, on my 21st birthday.
* The bedroom ceiling of my best friend who now lives overseas.
* My bedroom window (In the house i am soon to leave behind) and some paintings on my desk.


  1. I miss ALL of that!!!! Look at my hand tucking away into that dip! I had the very same meal on the weekend (doritos and dip that is). Miss my bedroom too and being in Copacobana talking about animal porn super loudly!!!! ;-(

  2. These photos are so perfectly dreamy! All good things. I've always loved those glow in the dark stick ons for the ceiling!

  3. She keeps Moet et Chandon
    In a pretty cabinet
    'Let them eat cake' she says
    Just like Marie Antoinette

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    a blogger that loves your blog klee


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