Monday, July 11, 2011

Prim collar and diamond


A painting done primarily with sweeps of colour and only a rare amount of lead pencil.
Trying out some new techniques.

this week: re-learning how to be a human being.


  1. If I could learn to handle watercolor as you do, I would be one happy chica. The techniques used to make flesh-and those lips- here are amazing!

  2. can re-learn to be a human, Dear. We believe in you! C:

    And this painting is wonderful. I love seeing you try out these new techniques!

  3. Beautiful. The layering of colours is so perfect, I love her cheeks!

    Have you ever tried painting with oils? I would love to see how your style translates to a heavier medium!

    Gaby xo

  4. love it! pls teach me how to paint like this :D

  5. i love this! she has the most wonderful cheekbones. it's great to experiment (: xx

  6. I absolutely adore your work. I am trying to get the grips of watercolour myself but I am always scared of destroying the illustration itself. Also drawing with lead is hand but when watercolouring over it just destroys everything. Got any tips?

  7. Her face is absolutely divine. I LOVE it. The new techniques are making your works ever more alive.

    Meag xx

  8. This is so beautiful Caitlin xxx

  9. Your paintings are beautiful. One day I will buy one for my house!!


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