Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pressed in a book

A collection of pressed paper-thin flowers.
I would like to write a love note to accompany these, then seal them up in a cellophane envelope and send them across the sea.
All i really wanna do these days is fall in love and lie in the sun. Maybe that's quite clear. I suppose springtime does this to people. pollen in your eyes and ears makes you a little loopy, huh.


  1. amazing-- beautiful each in its own way

    variety is key not only to the continuation of life, but also to beauty
    at least in my eyes

  2. Oh if only it was Spring where I was! I'm not yet ready for winter...

    And your flowers are beautiful. I know if I was in love I'd want to receive such a pretty gift in my letters.

    Please lay in the sun for me! :)

  3. so beautiful, been pressing flowers myself but mine do not compare to these ><

  4. that's a pretty accurate description of everything i want to do this summer as well. lie in the sun with someone i love. here's hoping for both of us!

  5. reminds me of my mum :-)
    love it!

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