Sunday, November 27, 2011


cous cous

watermelon popsicles


bananas and bacon

The works i exhibited at World Bar last week, as part of the Feast Your Eyes show.
The opening was lots of fun - the guys cooked up a tonne of couscous and burgers and i think my brother ate most of them! haha.

Just makes me think how grand it would be to illustrate a cookbook one day.


  1. Banana and bacon?! aha, regardless of the weird combination, I love this. And you should definitely illustrate a cookbook if you can, imagine how many things your brother's get to

  2. In first photo I like how red colour gives such a strong contrast.
    In second photo I like the way how tiny pieces of watermelons are fallen (like rain drops does).
    Third photo - I just like it all.
    About last photo? I like that banana and banana slices look so real and delicious.

    If you want and if you have time, then take a look of my illustartions and art works-


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