Monday, November 21, 2011

Lady Petrova

You can now find a small selection of my prints stocked at the most exquisite little boutique in Melbourne!
(Well worth checking out simply for the array of darling dresses.)

Shop 3
237 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC

Photos courtesy of Petrova Hammond.


  1. Be very careful.

    She stocked my prints too. Sold them, then damaged the rest. Never paid me for anything that was sold or damaged no matter how many times I e-mailed or phoned her. She always said she would, then just ignored me.

    I'm not the first. That was two years ago, I stopped chasing payment after a year and a half of being ignored.

  2. Thanks for the message Ali.
    I'm very sorry to hear about those unfortunate circumstances.
    Thankfully, i've had a positive experience stocking my work in this boutique for the last two years.

  3. You never EVER cease to amaze me. Breath taking work!

  4. how cute! they look wonderful on display <3


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