Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rainbow Chan / Sweet Tooth

An EP cover i designed for one of my gorgeous buddies, Rainbow Chan.
I think this girl is immensely talented and i love her to bits. Rainbow just travelled over to Iceland as the winner of the FBI Northern Lights competition, and had the amazing opportunity to play her glitchy sweethearted tunes over there. She also does an awesome cover of 'Lovefool' by the cardigans and is classically trained in choral singing, saxophone and piano!
(I also made a gig poster for Rainbow earlier in the year and hope to do some more exciting collaborations with her in 2012.)

Listen to sweet tooth here.
Visit Rainbow's bandcamp page.

p.s. Sydneysiders - come see her play at Flinders/Moonshakes this Tuesday night. You know you ought to. Party time.
Moonshakes @ Flinders event page

Rainbow Chan - Sweet Tooth


  1. How beautiful! I especially love how you have drawn the lips *__* (by the way, thank you so much for following! It means a lot to me, your art is truly breathtaking <3)

  2. Wow, that is a gorgeous piece of cover art.

  3. this is beautiful. i wish i had a bob and could pretend that its me!

  4. amazing! Love her music too <3

  5. white to accent the dark hair, brilliant!

  6. This cover is so sweet! I love the use of colour x

  7. I'll have to give them a listen, when I get a chance. Your cover art looks great. How neat to have that sort of opportunity!


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