Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Version Suicides - The Grates + Whyte Fang

An EP cover for my gorgeous Brisbane buddies, the Grates!
Sydney producer Whyte Fang has put her own spin on the these tunes, and I in turn was asked to re-interpret the current album cover. I'm a bit obsessed with the moon, so ended up drawing a girl being worshipped by the moon cycle. Sparkly and Mysterious, she sits alone, casting spells.

(If my seventeen year old self would have known that one day i'd be doing cover art for these guys, i probably would've died.) They've been so supportive of my work and i thank them very much for such an awesome opportunity. love love love.

You can listen to the EP here.
And buy them on itunes here!

The Version Suicides


  1. Oh my, it turned out wonderfully! The way you did the moon cycle just tickles me pink!

  2. love love love the magical atmosphere in this picture! the moons work really well!

  3. that is seriously the coolest thing ever. the end.

  4. I always love your work, Caitlin, but this is just amazing!

  5. This is awesome! I am a big fan of your works <3

  6. gorgeous painting and concept and everything!

  7. thought it looked pretty familiar, nice work ghoster

  8. this is very beautiful, i'd love to frame this and put it up in my apartment. Are there prints available of this painting?

    1. Crissy,

      I don't have any prints in stock at the moment but would be more than happy to order one for you.
      Will have a chat with you about it on etsy.


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