Thursday, September 29, 2011

so simple

Painted today, whilst nannying.



Friday, September 23, 2011

My desk

I've been glued to my desk all week working on a very exciting project! + Drawing in the park + drawing at night + drawing early in the morning. Busy bee. No time for watching x-files!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pressed in a book

A collection of pressed paper-thin flowers.
I would like to write a love note to accompany these, then seal them up in a cellophane envelope and send them across the sea.
All i really wanna do these days is fall in love and lie in the sun. Maybe that's quite clear. I suppose springtime does this to people. pollen in your eyes and ears makes you a little loopy, huh.

Monday, September 19, 2011

behind the scenes

Some old photos of paintings in progress.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pressed flowers and scribbles and thoughts that i've either had for a long time or am currently musing over.
Suddenly i feel like making things again, -  but still being kept secret are all of those insane things that i wrote in capital letters when delusional with the flu. Things have to be released.

Friday, September 2, 2011

How did it become September already?

While this blog isn't my personal diary, (and i don't usually feel the need to expel the contents of my life onto it's pages,) today i feel the inclination to write something about what's going on here. Since moving to the city my whole outlook on life has changed dramatically in the last two months (including the four weeks in which i didn't even attempt to update this baby - apologies for being so dead/quiet) ... and well, i just realised that 'life' is finally here and i don't need to create a paper world to keep my company anymore. Transition time! It's tricky to figure out which direction to take now. Late Bloomer, that's me! I'm actually pretty overwhelmed right now and don't know exactly what i mean to convey, but something needs to be put down to record this awkward interim. (Even if it's all realistically just falling into a vortex.)
All i know is that i want to compile a book that was all about being the girl that i was. Everything pink and hazy. Photos of flowers and all those love spells i tried to create. All of that longing packed into a bundle and wrapped up with ribbons. White text.

Goodbye and Hello! You'll never be the same girl forever.

Current obsessions include: sugar coated nuts, a 1950's lemon/lime printed skirt, not being made of marble anymore, Mulder and Scully, walking up and down the same regally named street every day, Nannying, 'Puppies!!!!', Gin and Tonic, future dreaming, running out of money, Dustin O'Halloran, food comas, serendipity, looking people in the eyes vs. wearing sunglasses all the time. Not ever having enough time.

Sandra Beijer

I love Sandra Beijer, and woohoo, i think she loves me too! This is the second Blog header I've designed for her online diary, Niotillfem. This coquettish illustration sits perched atop her blog, replacing the old one i had made which featured sandra wearing a strawberry printed dress.
I really wish i had ample time to draw all of my internet girl crushes - so it's nice that i can work on projects like this. Thanks Sandra!
(below you can see some of the drafts and the final version too.)

Sandra Beijer




pencil drafts

Well, here are some tiny snippets from a project that i've been itching to show since the beginning of the year... (it was summer then! I remember brushing this project aside for a day to go and lie in the ocean.) ... only it's not been released yet and patience is not my best virtue. These have since been painted over and should be going online soon. Until then, i guess some small secrets will have to suffice.


A commissioned set of black/white portraits for the contributors page in the latest issue of Desktop magazine.