Sunday, January 8, 2012

audrey grace lookbook

Alyssa Nicole

alyssa nicole 3

alyssa nicole 4

alyssa nicole 2

alyssa nicole 1

 Alice Nightingale

aice nightingale1

Alexandra Grecco

  alex grecco 1

alex grecco 4

Alex grecco 3

Alex grecco 2

alex grecco lavender moon

alex grecco cat print


  1. ooh the little brick path one is cute
    but they are all pretty stellar !

  2. I love the texture on that white polka dot dress. My my, how do you find the time to paint and draw all of these beauties? :)

  3. well, it is my job, so i spend alot of my life sitting at my desk. too many hours.... perhaps....

  4. ooh that stars and moons dress is gorgeous! i want one! lovely illustrations!

  5. These girls all have such movement and life. I'm in love with this series. The girl in the beret is especially striking. Fantastic

  6. lovely ladies! i love the pink flower stockings :D

  7. oooh, I want those dresses in my life!

  8. this is pretty! you are so good!


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