Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh, Baby!

Here are some handcrafted polymer clay baby brooches i've been making.
My new love, as of late, is rolling polymer clay between my palms and then squishing it into little molds to make these pudgy little babies.
Teeny weeny pals to sit on the lapel of your jacket and keep you company throughout the day. Each has it's very own name and individual face and stripey outfit.
p.s. you can adopt your very own baby HERE.


  1. hhaha those are so lovely. remind me of when my classmate made realistic marshmallow out of clay and someone got fooled and out them in his mouth lol!


  2. so adorable

  3. These are so crazy and quirky! Why babies of all things?

  4. this is actually the cutest idea, especially to name them all individually. so sweet!


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