Thursday, April 5, 2012

Botanical Banquet

Caitlin Shearer, Rainbow Chan and The Wall would like to invite you to...

BOTANICAL BANQUET: A Feast for the Senses!
Featuring artworks, and textile and garment design from Caitlin Shearer and a live, one-off love song covers set from Rainbow Chan.
There will also be floral installations from Jardine Hansen, food and markets stalls, a temporary tattoo booth with designs by Caitlin, DJs, dancing, exclusive prints and EPs for sale, and more!

BOTANICAL BANQUET will be a unique collaborative experience between the artists, and an insight into their own little world. Come along!


Caitlin Shearer is a freelance illustrator and textile designer working out of a bedroom studio in Sydney, Australia.
Obsessions include: Drawing pictures, watercolour paints, Winona Ryder, Twin Peaks, pressed flowers, Ferragamo shoes, black dresses, lipstick, The wizard of Oz, Brocade, swans, the golden age of hollywood and biographies about decadent/intelligent/creative/crazy females.

Rainbow Chan is a Sydney solo artist with a love for story-telling. An eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic textures, Chan's songs are delicately-crafted gems. Live loops are created with music-boxes, thumb-pianos and vintage toys. Lilting guitar is matched with 8-bit keyboards, distorted beats and glockenspiels. Experimentation is interlaced with the other-worldly charm of her voice. With diverse influences ranging from Bj√∂rk to Steve Reich, from Chopin to guilty pleasure Justin Timberlake, Rainbow Chan is always looking for ways to play with sound and narrative. Sweet, dark and glitchy, it's forward-thinking pop embedded in the nostalgic imagination.

p.s. Be a darling and RSVP here + Invite your friends!


  1. oh jeez this sounds AMAZING!!! WHY am I on the other side of the globe?? I'm sending the invite to all my sydney friends via FB though, so that I may live vicariously through them!!!

  2. How wonderful! Can't wait to see your textile goodness! The prints came out amaaazing! x


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