Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kate Bush

So it seems i'm always obsessed by something - this week it is Kate Bush - so when my absolute favourite lingerie designer Gabrielle Adamidis asked me to contribute to her blog Spokes'n'Daggers for a 'five favourite things' post, i decided to whip up some drawings of Kate in her crazily costumed glory.

I think i might actually commit a good couple of days and do some neater portraits of young Kate. I totally want to be her - circa 1978. She has inspired me to go back to dance class and i also feel that it's necessary to pay homage to this magical songstress. I have so many fond memories of wine fuelled karaoke renditions of her classic hits and kitchen dance parties featuring her most memorable wuthering heights dance moves. Thank god for Kate.


  1. Oh my GOD this is so so incredible! You did such a wonderful job rendering her outfits and her face is just as gorgeous as the original! *__*

  2. Oh these are truly charming! I love that you've been so inspired which her costumes, which of course are wonderful! I think my favourite is the "D" hat one from the Sat In Your Lap video!

  3. Oh Kate! I remember your "Hounds of Love" illustration from a time ago. Kate Bush is definitely a never-ending inspirer.

  4. I love your art! // Amelda, Sweden

  5. I love Kate Bush so much! Your illustrations of her are beautiful.

  6. will you be selling prints of these? Kate Bush is my all time favorite!

    1. thanks, but no, these won't be available as a print.

  7. Ahhh Love Kate Bush! This is brilliant! I envy your talent so much haha

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  8. Your drawings are soo gorgeous!


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