Thursday, May 31, 2012

True Self at Melbourne's GPO.

Melbourne’s GPO has joined forces with The Jacky Winter Group to present ‘True Self’, a charity exhibition that links fashion and art in the manner of a chain letter.
Multiple artists/fashion designers/photographers have been asked to collaborate with each other to create A3-sized artworks, and i was lucky enough to be paired with Dawn Tan and Lilly Piri, two women whose work i greatly admire. (infact, i had posters of Lilly's work up in my bedroom as a teenager, so it bought up alot of intense emotions for me. crybaby! haha.)
I'm so chuffed to be beside 52 of Australia’s finest creative talents - and you can see these artworks hanging on the walls of the Melbourne GPO from June 1 to June 24, 2012. The first floor balcony in MGPO will be transformed into a bespoke gallery space by local creatives Foolscap Studios  especially for the occasion.
The originals on display will be available for sale throughout the duration of the exhibition for AUD $200 each. All proceeds will go to the charity Fitted for Work – a not-for-profit initiative, providing clothing and training to help disadvantaged women find employment. To date they have transformed the lives of more than 6500 women. Why don't you gather your coins and go splurge on a piece of art that helps out such a worthy cause. I love you Melbourne!

a) Collab with Dawn Tan - Roses courtesy of Dawn - Girl, food and text courtesy of Caitlin.
b) Collab with Lilly Piri - Lady and sprinkle biscuit courtesy of Lilly - School desk and candies courtesy of Caitlin.

p.s. did you know that i'm represented by the Jacky Winter illustration agency?
If you're interested in commissioning some work for magazines/books/fashion/fun, then please do send them a note.


  1. Wowzas that last one is awesome!! x

  2. They are so beautiful Caitlin! I love Lilly Piri (livejournal days, yay) so I totally understand why it meant so much to you. What a great collab x

  3. Girl and Food is my favourite, your girls are always so beautiful xxx

  4. such a lovely idea to have the artists collaborate, both of them turned out beautifully!

  5. cool! hmmm i really feel like doing commissioned work but i have no talent!

    1. are you kidding? Your talent for drawing realistically is immensely great!

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