Thursday, August 2, 2012

Solo show! in Wollongong!

A week from today i’m having a solo show in Wollongong, Sydney.
Opening night is thursday the 9th, from 6 till 8.
I’ll be there - come and say hello! Making new friends is nice.

9-25th August
Terrarium Gallery
shop 30 /157 crown street, Wollongong, Sydney


  1. Aww Caitlin!!! I'm so happy for you, I wish I could swing by!!! Have fun and congradulations to you!!! *virtual hug* love, Crissy

  2. i saw you in frankie! absolutely love that dress! you're so delightfully lovely :) :) :)

  3. hey! i live in wollongong now! (kinda, im a bit like a gypsy moving constantly though)
    THATS GREAT! i'll definitely be there! xx

  4. oh goodness! I just realized it was last night! I thought it was on tues cos I miss read things constantly! I'm gunna go check it out after we close the cafe today though!

    1. it's okay! The works will be up till the 25th and it's a nice little place to check out anyways. :)

  5. this is amaZing caitlin! hope everythings well xxxx


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