Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sydney girls?

I’m looking for a couple of local girls who’d like to model my dresses for some upcoming promo/shop photos and a mini lookbook. Gifts will be given to say thankyou.

Email me if you think you may be interested.

(oh, and if you live in sydney and just wanna hang out and get a milkshake, let me know! I’m tying to pro-actively meet up with new people this spring.)


  1. Wish i lived in Sydney! :(

  2. Um omg ME!!! I only get back in two months though :-( (sniffle)

    Mind if I pass this on to a few of my girls who follow your work anyway? I know some beautiful girls via working at A.H

    1. we can do a photoshoot in the summertime!

      thanks for passing it along to your friends - i've already been contacted by one lovely lady!

  3. I'd definitely be keen s_arabella on Instagram it's also my blog lol


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