Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jessica Silversaga models the Sunday Stroll printed silk scarf from my summer collection.


  1. Oh, wow! This is just beautiful!

    And so is Jessica, love her hair



  2. Swoon, will you be doing children's clothes anytime soon? It's my niece's birthday and would love to get her a dress! xx

    1. oh yes, children's clothes will be coming up!
      i've designed a bunny rabbit textile based on a photo of a ceramic figurine that i have - and i've got plans for that to specifically be for baby/child dresses.

      I'm cutting some patterns for a batch of dresses tomorrow so i will try to fit that in at the same time , as it's been something i've meant to do for a good few weeks now.
      stay tuned and i guess you'll see the result!

      Thanks for continual support and well wishes hannah, it means alot. :)

    2. Oh that is so exciting, bunny rabbits would be perfect for her! I can get one ready for Christmas, and hopefully eventually one for myself. It's my pleasure your art and textiles are a treat to behold! xx

  3. Oh, this is wonderful...absolutely wonderful!


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