Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Caitlin Shearer x La Lune

Caitlin Shearer
La Lune

Love & Other Pugs 

'The nostalgia of passing silly notes, scribing your heart over perfume scented letter sets, infatuation, enchantment and magic. Love and Other Pugs 2013 is the collaborative efforts of the whimsical duo La Lune Clothing and the coveted illustrations of Caitlin Shearer. Party dresses, heartthrobs, sequins to spare, endless charm and frolicking in tulle, all sealed with a kiss.'

Time to reveal these new textile designs that were created especially for Australian clothing label La Lune.
Mailman dreaming, love letters and squish faced dogs.

Hop along to the website to snap something up - imagine those overalls at the beach in summer - ice-cream in one hand, boyfriend rubbing suncream onto your shoulders.  Yes please!


  1. Love! The pug prints are SO fun :)

  2. Oh Caitlin these are just heavenly, I adore the note dress! x

  3. this is so exciting! congrats! <3

  4. You're soo talented! How do you paint? What tols do you use? :)

  5. I have a pug dogs, I love pugs so much this is addorable. I want the pug not drugs shirt <3


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