Sunday, July 28, 2013

These days, all i do is schoolwork, homework, study, in a maddeningly perpetual cycle.
So, i guess it goes without saying that my new guilty pleasure for creating bite sized beautiful things is instagram - the blog will probably remain quiet until i earn this diploma, but for the time being you can follow me over at caitlincupid if you so desire.


  1. What a pain. Glad you're on Instagram as I love your posts and pictures. They're so lovely.

  2. I'm a bit obsessed with Instagram lately too... I feel like its the easiest form of social media to keep up with! (just added you - bellstreet)

  3. I spend hours on Instagram. It's like a whirl wind...first I'm on a page which leads me to another, then another, which then leads me to another.

    Love your work, by the way! Just beautiful. *now your newest follower via Feedly.

  4. miss you over here... but all the best!

  5. happy to see you on my phone :)


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