Saturday, November 23, 2013

Caitlin Shearer at Lady Petrova

Some very happy news  -  my illustrated handmade dresses are now available to purchase at the Lady Petrova online boutique - The prettiest shop in Melbourne has just launched an online platform full of party dresses, styling videos and that wonderfully playful Petrova charm. It's my absolute pleasure to be
partnering up with the boutique of my dreams - and it's well worth supporting handmade, local clothing that is made with such passion and heart. I love Petrova and her pink and purple wonderland - and i hope you might all fall in love with this dream world, much as i have done.

...and some snapshots of the dresses instore, taken from the Lady Petrova instagram.


  1. Your drawings look amazing on clothes!
    I want those dresses! *.* I am the biggest fan of your talent!

  2. what wonderful news! it would be an absolute dream to own one of your dresses one day!

  3. Ugh, I love the Lady Petrove online shop so much, I discovered it the other day and ogled at all those dreamy dresses (including yours!!) for a good hour. *___*
    I wish the shipping from Australia to Europe didn't seem like such a hassle, customs et all.

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    1. (sorry sorry, had to fix a typo.)

      i am deeply in love with all your beautiful dresses, caitlin. congratulations, that's such wonderful news! and so well-deserved!

    2. Thank you Anna - i deeply admire your creations too, so that is very lovely to read.


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