Monday, December 9, 2013

Girls and their Dolls

Something has happened to my brain where i've become so maddeningly clucky and in love with the idea of child-bearing that dolls are my current ultimate obsession. It must be a method of reverting back to childhood in a time of insane stress, or perhaps i'm just projecting onto these miniature porcelain people because i wish i had my own angel baby to tend to. 
My bedroom is starting to look like an adoption agency and my loved ones perpetuate the theme by gifting me with dolls and accompanying me to auctions to procure early 20th century bisque bebe's. 

I am a grown up, i swear! 
Can't help loving what you love, and can't help loving it to death.

one of the rare drawings i've found time to do this year

frills for days on this lil' lady!

fimo baby brooches i made a few years back

wigless & legless boogie baby

friends begged me not to buy this creepy one

rosy cheeks!

lassie in a handmade 1930's dress

cornflower angel with lopsided wig

beautiful Eloise with the baby she had to leave behind at the auction

little Olive and her glass puppy

Muchacha doll face bag

pink fireplace!
in the new room i moved into last week - a doll amongst dolls? 
i can only dream!


  1. Real dolls are for grown ups! Have you checked out the world of modern ball jointed dolls, or of Blythe? Your dolls are beautiful and give you joy. Plenty of us playing with dolls. Your post reminded me of this:

    1. Mermet, you are sweet! I was fond of Blythe and bjd as a teen but for some reason early 20th century dolls are the ones which fascinate me now.

      Do you have a collection too?


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