Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Overwhelmed by loveliness

May i present to you - a complete and utter dreamboat - Miss Valerie Enriquez - graphic designer, LA lady, and a gal i'd truly love to befriend. Valerie has been swanning around town in the biscuit dress i made for her last year - doesn't she look a vision! She could be starring in a Sofia Coppola movie.

 Seeing a girl as kind as Valerie wearing the dress, making it a part of her life, is the sort of heart warming thing that pushes me in the direction to create - and i feel like it's good to visit the past and say thank you to the things that have come before.

I began designing these illustrated dresses mid-way through 2012, not knowing where it would lead to, and it turned out that my whole life has changed because i decided to pursue my passions.  Thanks to those of you who have stuck by this blog while i've been involved in my studies, and a special thanks to those who have ordered dresses - it's impossible for me to say how important and wonderful it has been.

I do have a little bit of news though - I will be retiring these dresses towards the end of the year in order to make way for the new ideas that i've got on the go... prototypes are underway!
( Have a look at my instagram to see sneak peeks  @caitlincupid )

So, if you've ever dreamed of owning one of these dresses, now is the time to order.
Take 10% off your next dress order with the coupon code DRESSUP.


  1. what a dreamy set of photos she has! and this post is so sweet. i would absolutely love love love to own one of your dresses one day. it would be an actual dream come true!

  2. oh val, my oldest internet friend! lovely girl and BEAUTIFUL dress :)


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